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About liberdomus and...the people who created it:

The new website, results from the collaboration of two historic companies of the Italian book scene:
Nardecchia bookdealers and the distributor Erre Libri each with over 50 years of presence in the Italian book market. Thanks to the latest advances in Internet tecnologies, this catalogue will inform readers and booksellers around the world about all the new Italian publications and offer highly discounted rates and free professional services to booksellers 24hr a day :

What we booksellers:

  • monthly announcements by over 150 publishers
    Through the online news catalogue or the Liberdomus Newsletter via e-mail or fax.
  • discounted trade rates on all titles in "liberdomus"
    The B2B catalogue ensures you of the conventional distribution discount even on the small orders.
  • Avility to search all 150 publishers at once in just e few seconds!!
    You have never experienced such a fast and easy search, and through the advanced search you will really have the tool that every bookseller needs for his searches!
  • automatic reply and booking of temporarily not available titles
    With all deliveries we include a report list about unavailable titles while backorder those immediately and avoid you spend time in calling to ask reason for non delivery
  • get more clients and sales to your bookstore!!
    because readers worldwide will be able through our "pick @ bookshop" service to order online and "pick and pay" at your bookshop choosing you from the liberdomus list of bookshops.

What we readers:

  • a world of books from Italy
    a comprehensive catalogue of new Italian books as well as rare books in many different subjects will be available and ready for delivery to clients worldwide
  • fast and easy searches
    quickly find the book you are by title or author
  • Liberdomus Newsletter to keep you updated!
    Our free Liberdomus Newsletter keeps you updated on the subjects that interests you.

Nardecchia's history :

The Bookshop was founded by ATTILIO NARDECCHIA (1867 - 1961) at the beginning of 1895. Certainly onr the oldest roman bookshops, it was originally located in the beautiful building of the Carpegna family designed by RAFFAELLO and today's seat of the Senate House.
In 1921 Nardecchia moved to Piazza Cavour, the most well known seat of the company, and was sold from Attilio to the German book-sellers Walter Regenberg e Ernest Immelen.
The enormous patrimony of books collected by Attilio, who dedicated himself particularly to private book auctions and to the mammoth sales of the duplicates of the National Library "Vittorio Emanuele", was transferred to the new german owners who gave the bookshop a new character. Thanks to the good relationships and contacts between Walter Regenberg and foreign Librarians, the bookshop developed as the commission agent vendor for many well known and distinguished foreign institutions. This activity has led to the increment in the number of italian periodicals and services available to many important University Libraries particularly in the USA and was continued first by Immelen's grandson Gunter G. Kluge : director of Nardecchia from 1968 to 1996, and then by his son Richard L. Kluge director in office since 1996. In 1988 Richard started renovating The Bookstore's management systems to keep pace with the technical changes of the Italian and foreign bookmarket. Since 1997, Libreria Nardecchia started offering new services to libraries, publishers and private clients through the Internet; combining the Nardecchia 100 years knowledge in books and periodicals and its attention to personal service with the latest advances in computer technology.

Through the Internet and this new B2B portal, Nardecchia's distribution services and complete catalogue of 150 publishers will now be available to booksellers and librarians worldwide.

History of "Erre Libri" :

The Erre Libri is the oldest wholesale company in Rome..
Established in 1946 with the name "Attilio Rocchi-Rappresentanze Editoriali", during this period has been promoting and distributing very well known and distinguished Italian publishers like : Baldini & Castoldi, Martello, Boringhieri, Pirola and many others.
In 1984, after the death of the founder, the company changed name into "Erre Libri", which is still the name used today. At the present time, Erre Libri is a distributor for over 100 publishers who will now be available on the Liberdomus catalogue together with Nardecchia's publishers with the goal to reach booksellers and readers throughout the country.
Director of the firm is Mr. Marco Rocchi, already Manager of Laterza Publisher from Bari (1962-1971) and later Sales Manager of Editori Riuniti in Rome (1972-1983).

For more information, please refer to the General Conditions & Terms page.

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