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Business services
B 2 B   b o o k s e l l e r s  p a g e

Italian books and news services
Online catalogue for booksellers worldwide

Order policy:

This catalogue includes services exclusively dedicated to all the booksellers, wholesalers and other businesses dealing with Italian books and using online access to Internet. Through your registration you will have access to professional news services and trade discounts. Nevertheless it is possible to execute your first order before registrating just by indicating beside the delivery instructions also your Company details and VAT N░ (only for EU countries). At the receipt of your first order, that may also be sent via fax printing out the Shopping cart, we will assign you a personal UserID and Password or you can receive it now by completing online the registration form.

Shipping charges & delivery terms:

All the book orders arrived within 2:00 p.m. will be shipped at 11:00 a.m. of the next day. The following form includes charges and delivery time according to the land of destination:

Italia ordinario
Italia contrassegno
Europe surface
Overseas surface
Overseas air-mail
Delivery time
2-7 days
2-7 days
5-10 days
15-25 days
7-15 days
O-1 kg 3,00 Eu 4,50 Eu 6,00 Eu 6,00 Eu 12,00 Eu
1-3 kg 3,00 Eu 4,50 Eu 6,00 Eu 6,00 Eu 26,00 Eu
3-5 kg 3,00 Eu 4,50 Eu 12,00 Eu 12,00 Eu 40,00 Eu
5-10 kg 3.00 Eu 4,50 Eu 20,00 Eu 40,00 Eu -
10-15 kg 3,00 Eu 4,50 Eu 28,00 Eu 56,00 Eu -
15-20 kg 3.00 Eu 4,50 Eu 36,00 Eu 68,00 Eu -

We have not included rush shipment within Europe because delivery time of regular and rush shipment is nearly the same while rush price is considerably higher. up

Search functions:

We have decided to make available to the bookdealers as much search capacities as possible: on "liberdomus" you will be able to search through title, author, publisher, city or series achieving always an alphabetical arranged list and at the same time to sort the scored records by publication date, subject or price. up


On the registration form each customer may decide to take advantage of our service "permanent booking" or "temporal booking", that consider respectively all the unavailable books booked permanently (the bookings does not expire) or booked for 1 month (bookings expires after 30 days). The status of the bookings will be reported on the order form separately and printed on the shipping list with the delivered material. up

Shopping basket:

All the books may be purchased by clicking either on the linked title or on the Order button. If the book is momentarily not available a note will appear in the status field and the order button will turn to a book button.
The amount of the ordered material including trade discount and postage (calculated on the ground of the books weight) will be shown on your shopping cart. We suggest to print a copy of it to be used as checking list once the material is delivered. up


The ordered books are automatically delivered to the requested address with invoice. If a duplicate or triplicate copy is required please add it on the registration form. European customers must also include their VAT Number according to European Community fiscal rules. Invoicing and delivery is realized by LIBRERIA GIA' NARDECCHIA srl - Rome. up

Trade discounts:

Each book record includes the discount field. Nevertheless the trade discount is shown only after registration as in order to access the B2B Catalogue a password is required.

If you are a new user and wish to register at "liberdomus" please go to the registration form.

All the applicated trade discounts are the conventional Italian publishers discounts plus an additional liberdomus 3% discount that allows already by small purchases to reduce or by larger to cancel postage and handling charges.

If you are already a "liberdomus" bookseller click here to view the applicated discounts.


Payment instructions:

All the material is charged in EURO. Booksellers first order can be payd via credit card or bank/postal money order. All the material is sent with invoice, please quote during registration the requested n░ of invoice copies. Regular customers payment terms are 60 days from invoice. Payments by credit card are securely guaranteed through the SSL secure server of BANCA SELLA. VISA, Mastercard and Eurocard are welcome.


Books can be returned, prior authorization, within 30 days from shipment or 7 days from receiving provided that the material is returned at your expense, carefully packed and shipped at the following address: LIBRERIA GIA' NARDECCHIA srl - Via P. Revoltella, 105 - 00152 ROMA (Italy).
The corresponding credit amount will be accredited on your account that you are invited to use for future purchases at liberdomus.

We regret that books returned damaged, dirty or in any other bad status will not be accepted for credit.


Pick @ bookshop:

This service is an innovative implement to expand your business and get new readers to your bookshop !!. Every day new readers visit our catalogue to search and purchase books. Through this service the client will be able to buy online and decide to "pick and pay" the material at the nearest bookshop choosing it from the list of registered bookshops. Once the client completes the order we will deliver the material to the choosen bookshop supplying the client e-mail or phone number in order to advise him once the book is arrived. Any order will be checked with the buyer in order to guarantee the effective collect at the bookshop.

The bookseller will of course be able to return the books without authorization if not collected from the client within 30 days.
In order to reduce delivery time the deliveries of those orders will be automatically done via Express Carrier to Europe and Air-mail to USA and other countries.


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