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Title: Storia di una Galleria romana : la genealogia degli Dei di Jacopo Zucchi e le famiglie Ruccellai, Caetani, Ruspoli, Memmo.
Author: d'Amelio, Anna
Morel, Philippe
Rigon, Fernando
Publication: Roma : Ugo Bozzi Editore, 2011
ISBN/ISSN: 9788870030490
Status: Available
Price: € 120.00  
Code: D0111045951
Physical description: 250 p. : 155+5 ill. col. b/n ; 32 cm.



At the close of the sixteenth century the Florentine banker Orazio Rucellai commissioned the painter Jacopo Zucchi to fresco the gallery of his Roman palace. The theme chosen to ornament the vaults of the gallery was the Genealogy of the Gods. Zucchi however wanted to push the theme further engaging in the description of a long festive ephemeral parade in which the Gods were to be shown processing, one by one, in triumphal chariots drawn by mythological creatures. He thereby elevated the gallery into being a treatise on astrology while also providing a rare and marvellous visual testament of the carnivalesque pageants that were held on the via Flaminia that passed in front of the palazzo. At the death of Orazio Rucellai the palace passed into the Caetani family who inhabited it until 1776 when it was purchased by the Ruspoli. Today the palace is residence to Roberto Memmo, president of the Foundation of the same name that has its head quarters in Palazzo Ruspoli. In 2011 the Fondazione Memmo celebrates the twentieth year of its foundation concurrently to Roberto Memmo’s ninetieth birthday. This volume is intended to honour the founder and his long-sighted initiatives. With this intent Prof. Philippe Morel and Dott.ssa. Antonella Fenech offer their contribution by contextualising Jacopo Zucchi’s gallery in the broader milieu of sixteenth century astrological pictorial cycles. The iconologist Fernando Rigon will examine the multi-faceted treatise on the gallery, Discorso sopra li Dei de’ Gentili e loro imprese written by the painter himself. The volume will be edited by Dott.ssa. Anna d’Amelio who will provide a study of the function the Galleria served in the histories of the families that have inhabited the palazzo from its origins to the present. The introduction will be written by Rossella Vodret, ‘Soprintendente’ of the Polo Museale Romano.
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